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75 years on, Lyon celebrates its liberation from Nazis

Sep 04, 2019

Paris (France) September 04: Lyon travelled back in time on Tuesday as the French city celebrated the 75th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi forces.
Euronews attended the commemorations and spoke to a group of history lovers dressed up for the occasion.
"I dressed up to commemorate September 3rd. I'm wearing a US air force costume. I put it on because I love everything that has to do with aerial armies. It suits me well," a young woman said.
Lyon was a stronghold of Free France during World War II until its occupation in 1942.
It was liberated by joint French and US forces in September 1944.
"I was many years in the commandos, the Green Berets. And these are the same vehicles that we used. I'm 91 years of age now so I remember these very well, " World War II British veteran Gordon Persey told Euronews.
"I think it's important for the children particularly to remember it. And try to make sure that it never happens again," Persey added.
Source: Euro News