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Farmers create natural straw intend to break plastic's back

Aug 08, 2019

Paris (France) August 08: In their first harvest, Yves and Gaelle Debroc have produced one million drinking straws, all biodegradable, reusable and resistant to both the cold and heat.
The couple is working from a patch of land of just half an acre, using organic rye to make the alternatives to plastic straws.
The straws are sold in Plomelin city centre but at two cents per straw for businesses, the natural straws are currently three times more expensive than their plastic counterparts.
Perhaps part of the reason that the product costs so much more than plastic straws is that the process is not mechanised.
"Nothing is mechanised, everything is handmade, 100% clean and respectful to nature," said Yves Debroc.
It is estimated that one billion plastic straws are thrown away globally every day. Due to the adverse effects of this mass waste on the environment, the EU has decided to ban plastic straws, among other single-use plastics by 2021.
Source: Euro News