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Paris attacker affected by radicalism

Oct 06, 2019

Paris (France) Oct 06: A French prosecutor has revealed that the office worker at Paris police headquarters who killed four colleagues had been influenced by radical Islamism.
The suspect attacked his colleagues, including police officers, with a knife at the headquarters in central Paris on Thursday. He was later shot dead by police. It is being investigated as an act of terrorism.
The prosecutor said in a news conference on Saturday that the 45-year-old attacker was born on the French island of Martinique. And he added that the suspect had converted to Islam about 10 years ago.
The suspect has been described as exchanging 33 text messages with his wife about an hour before the attack.
The prosecutor said the messages were all religious and included the expression "god is great" in Arabic.
In France, coordinated attacks at a concert hall in Paris and elsewhere killed 130 people in 2015. A series of extremist attacks have occurred in the country since then.
Source: NHK World