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Paris police prepares for potential clashes with 'gilets jaunes' on European Heritage Days weekend

Sep 21, 2019

Paris (France) Sept 21: More than 7,000 police officers will be deployed for rallies in Paris on Saturday amid fears that "gilets jaunes" (yellow vest) protesters and the radical "black blocs" could try to infiltrate a climate change march in the capital.
The "gilets jaunes" movement started on November 17 on social media as a response to hikes in fuel prices and has since become a wider protest of social inequalities.
However, it remains to be seen whether the movement will be able to regain its winter and spring momentum after tapering off over the summer.
Macron called for "calm" on Friday, saying that while "it's good that people express themselves", they should not disrupt a climate protest and the yearly European Heritage Days event also due to go ahead on Saturday.
Paris police chief Didier Lallement has said 7,500 police would be deployed for Saturday's rallies in Paris.
"Gilets jaunes" key figure Jerome Rodrigues said Saturday's protest would be a "revelatory demonstration" adding many people were going to descend on Paris.
But authorities have outlawed demonstrations on the Champs Elysees and other central areas.
After attracting 282,000 people nationwide on the first day of protests last November, "gilets jaunes" protest participation had fallen sharply by the spring, and only sporadic protests were seen over the summer.
Macron said in an interview with Time magazine published Thursday that the movement had been "very good for me" as it had made him listen and communicate better.
"My challenge is to listen to people much better than I did at the very beginning," the president said.
There is also a planned pensions reform protest organised by France's Force Ouvriere (Worker's Force) union in Paris this Saturday.
Source: Euro News