Stress free the Yoga Way: IPS, IAS and HCS officers celebrating International Yoga Day

Stress free the Yoga Way: IPS, IAS and HCS officers celebrating International Yoga Day

Jun 22, 2024

New Delhi [India], June 22: Celebrating the 10th International Yoga Day 2024, the event embraced the transformative power of yoga with the country's pride: the esteemed Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), and Haryana Civil Service (HCS). With the theme of Women Empowerment, the ancient practice, on this special day, emphasised how yoga can contribute to women's physical and mental well-being.
The Haryana Institute of Public Administration, known for its commitment to excellence in public service training, provided a fitting venue for this significant event. The engagement of IPS, HCS, and IAS officers further highlighted the importance of yoga in fostering a balanced and resilient mindset among those serving the nation.

Adding to the significance of the day, Zen Yoga, founded by Anya Malhotra of GD Goenka School, collaborated with Shiva ya Yog Sansthan under the guidance of Acharya Shisher Pokhriyal to hold a session for 70-100 police officers, encouraging them to practice yoga every day to balance their mind, body, and spirit. Anya, a high school student currently in Class 12, has been on a mission to spread the transformative power of yoga to all sections of society and embrace wellness. Inspired by her own transformative journey, she is dedicated to sharing the gift of yoga and meditation with others.
During the one-hour session, attendees were taught various relaxation techniques, including yoga practices like pranayama and Nadi shodhan, to help them adopt an stress-free lifestyle.
By empowering police officers with the tools to manage their stress and improve their overall health, the initiative will help to create a safer and healthy environment for both police officers and the communities they serve.
Having a room full of police officials all enjoying the act of yoga was a special and memorable experience for all involved.
Venue: Haryana institute of public administration
Time 6-7 am
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