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A case of pneumonia appeared in the capital, Indonesia warned people

Dec 06, 2023

Jakarta [Indonesia], December 6: The Indonesian Ministry of Health has urged people to wear masks after detecting pneumonia cases in the capital Jakarta.
"There have been oral reports from medical facilities and currently, the Jakarta Health Office is in the confirmation stage. The public should wear masks," Antara news agency quoted Mr. Imran Pambudi, head of the Agency. Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases under the Indonesian Ministry of Health , speaking on December 5.
Mr. Pambudi said the Indonesian Ministry of Health is trying to confirm the number of patients with the Jakarta Health Office. Based on the latest information from the medical facilities treating them, the patients currently have mild symptoms and are receiving outpatient treatment, according to the official.
Previously, Mr. Pambudi revealed that Mycoplasma bacteria, the main cause of the outbreak of pneumonia in children in China today, was a common bacteria causing respiratory infections before the Covid-19 pandemic. happen.
The Telegraph newspaper reported on December 4 that cases of pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma bacteria have also been discovered in Ireland, France, the Netherlands and Denmark.
In France and Denmark, infections rose to epidemic levels, with Denmark seeing a threefold increase in the number of children infected since October, rising to a total of 541 cases as of last week. In addition, the Netherlands saw the number of cases increase by 124% this week compared to the peak of the same period last year. In Ireland, the situation is not yet serious, but the number of cases of pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma bacteria in children and adolescents also increased slightly compared to the same period in 2022.
Mycoplasma bacteria are also the cause of a large outbreak of pneumonia in children in Warren County (Ohio, USA).
The Indonesian Ministry of Health conveys eight recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to the public to prevent the spread of Mycoplasma bacteria. These recommendations include: getting vaccinated against respiratory pathogens, avoiding contact with sick people, staying home or self-isolating if sick, getting medical examinations and treatment as needed, wearing masks. equipment, ensure good ventilation, practice a clean and healthy lifestyle, and seek medical attention immediately if symptoms of pneumonia occur, such as cough, difficulty breathing, and fever.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper