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Apparel Brand JOVI launches another collection of their pastel looks

Jun 22, 2021

New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI/The PRTree): Establishing themselves in the industry, apparel brand JOVI has recently launched 'The Red Moon' as part of their wide range of clean, pastel looks. The concept of collection is to honour womanhood through sindoor, crimson chaadar, surkh mehndi, and amber kaanch bangles, highlighting the soft feminine and fierce side of women to protect their self worth and self respect.
In a world that may be dark and grey and quite chaotic for the moment, they are adding a dose of refreshing sartorial options for women, celebrating life to the fullest.
The idea adheres to JOVI's simple design philosophy, but for the first time, the brand uses an all-red colour palette. The collection also emanates brand mulmul, a light, delicate, and breathable cotton texture that is ideal for summer, especially in India's scorching temperatures, because it quickly absorbs moisture and keeps the body temperature cool. It takes colour well and becomes milder with each wash.
Talking about her venture, the founder Jyoti Narayan says, "At the core of the brand lies a design philosophy dipped in Indian culture but with a global sensibility. We uphold the skills and expertise of Indian hand printing, hand embroideries and handicrafts and juxtapose them with pastel colors, clean line silhouettes inspired by international trends to create designs that are versatile, essentially classic and hence, timeless".
JOVI is a global platform that appreciates art, supports Indian women weavers, and enjoys style, fashion, and sustainability. A place of awareness where one can self-reflect and live a life with meaning. Their designs are inspired by the team's innovative instinct, and curiosity, and are handcrafted in Jaipur, India's "east-central part of Rajasthan." With a loyal customer base, 'JOVI Naaris' have an unapologetic love for Indian crafts and fashion, an effortless sense of style and a get-things-done attitude.
Born with a creative acumen in the world of fashion, Jyoti Narayan is the Founder and Creative Director of JOVI Fashion. The name comes from the duo who are behind the brand - Jyoti and Vinod. Vinod is the IT head at JOVI. Recently, JOVI Fashion has celebrated three years of their journey of customer love and appreciation. Ensuring safety, Jyoti Narayan has assured that during the pandemic which came as a challenge for the industry, the team was divided into smaller groups and were asked to report every alternate day and the ones travelling via other modes of transport were asked to work from home. JOVI started with a spark and the efficacious team didn't let it douse off during the challenging times. They launched offers to keep the clients happy and contented, emerging as a family of strong employees and satisfied clients altogether.
JOVI is the today that a woman lives in, JOVI is the future that a woman desires to be in.
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