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Ex-Pentagon Adviser: US Provoking China Needlessly Over Taiwan, Like Russia Over Ukraine

Aug 03, 2022

Washington (US), August 3: The Biden administration is now provoking China needlessly over Taiwan, risking a war Beijing does not want, just as it and previous US governments provoked Russia for eight years over Ukraine, retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a senior Pentagon adviser to then-president Donald Trump, told Sputnik on Tuesday.
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading a US congressional delegation to the Indo-Pacific region. Earlier in the day, they landed in Taiwan, despite objections from Beijing.
Americans did not remember or realize that Taiwan had been used as a base for the invasion of China in 1937, a war that cost millions of Chinese lives, Macgregor pointed out.
China can absorb everything US conventional forces throw at it, Macgregor added.
White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby this week said Pelosi's visit is not unprecedented, does not change US policy on Taiwan. The Biden administration has said the visit does not provide a pretext for China to escalate tensions.
Source: Sputnik