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'Explosion at the Pentagon' faked by AI caused a stir in the US

May 23, 2023

Washington [US], May 23: Fake images of an explosion at the Pentagon quickly spread in a short time and impacted the US stock market for about 10 minutes on May 22 (local time).
According to AFP, the incident has raised concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) could cause problems for society.
Images that many suspect were created by AI have been circulated by several accounts, forcing the US Department of Defense to confirm that there was no such explosion.
"We can confirm that this is false information and that the Pentagon was not attacked today," a Defense Department spokesman said.
The Arlington Fire Department (Virginia) also spoke on social media, confirming that there was no explosion or incident at the Pentagon or in the vicinity.
Before that, AI was also used to create many fake photos and caused a stir in recent times, such as pretending that former US President Donald Trump was arrested , or Pope Francis wearing a branded life jacket.
Advanced AI technology makes it easy for amateurs to create convincing images in seconds, instead of needing experts to use programs like Photoshop.
The fake image of the explosion at the Pentagon caused a short-term impact on the US stock market, with the S&P 500 index falling 0.29% from the close of May 19, before recovering.
"There's been a drop associated with this fake news as the (transactional) machines detect the information, but I think the extent of the decline doesn't match the seemingly bad nature of fake news," he said. According to expert Pat O'Hare at
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper