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Fine dust blankets much of S. Korea again

Jan 10, 2022

Seoul (South Korea), January 10: Fine dust plagued most parts of South Korea on Monday due to air stagnation caused by the high atmospheric pressure in the west, weather authorities said.
As of 8 a.m., the density of ultrafine dust, called PM 2.5, had hit the "very bad" level for the greater Seoul area, North Chuncheong Province and the central city of Sejong, and the southeastern city of Daegu, according to the Comprehensive Air-quality Index.
The level for other parts of the country was "bad," except for the island of Jeju, where it was "moderate."
The density of PM 10 fine dust registered "bad" in much of the country, including the greater Seoul area, central Chuncheong provinces, eastern Gangwon Province, and southeastern North Gyeongsang and North Jeolla provinces.
It was "moderate" in other southern parts, including Jeju Island.
Morning temperatures were minus 3.3 degrees Celsius in Seoul, minus 3 C in Incheon and minus 4.4 C in the central city of Daejeon at 8 a.m., while much warmer in southeastern cities of Ulsan and Busan at 2.6 C and 4.2 C, respectively.
Temperatures are expected to rise to between 3 C and 12 C in the afternoon.
According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, snow will likely fall in the greater Seoul area, and some central and eastern regions starting this evening as icy air from the north clashes with warm air.
North Chuncheong Province, the southwestern region and Jeju Island are also expected to see snow or rain after 9 p.m.
Source: Yonhap