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Former French PM Raffarin wishes stronger Europe-China relations in upcoming Lunar New Year

Feb 08, 2021

Paris (France), February 8: Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin extended his best wishes for Europe-China ties in a recent video message celebrating the upcoming Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox.
Speaking initially in Chinese, Raffarin called for "well-being in the Year of Ox," before wishing all Chinese families good health and happiness. "For China, I wish the best possible growth, and therefore the best possible development in the New Year," he said.
"For the world, I wish, first and foremost, peace, a balance of cooperation and friendship," said the veteran French politician.
"For this, we turn our back on unilateralism, isolationism and protectionism, and we strengthen multilateralism," he said.
Cooperation is "the answer" to all crises, he added.
Raffarin said the completion of China-EU investment agreement negotiations in the last days of 2020 was "the sign of a good, win-win cooperation."
He also expected France and China to develop their "sound, profitable and balanced" cooperation, particularly in culture.
"Our two countries, our two civilizations are both deeply rooted in time. Without doubt, the culture is the most powerful seed of our friendship," said Raffarin, who received China's Friendship Medal in 2019 for his great contributions to promoting exchanges and cooperation between France and China.
"Develop all the cooperation possible: scientific, technological, financial, economic, social, etc. But never forget this cultural contribution which is essential to our relations," he added.