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Former Google exec warns AI could 'destroy humanity'

May 25, 2023

Washington [US], May 25: Mo Gawdat, a former sales manager at Google's secretive research and development division, recently warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).
Mo said that AI can look down on humanity and even control military drones (UAVs) to destroy us, according to the Daily Mail . He also warned that this technology has the ability to "love" or "smother" humans.
At Google 's research and development department , Mr. Gawdat said he considers the AI ​​they created as his "child", but now he regrets that role as a parent.
"I've lived among those machines. I know how smart they are. I wish I hadn't started them," the Daily Mail quoted Mr. Gawdat as saying.
Mr. Gawdat hopes the public will continue to focus on what can be done to prevent a dystopian future of killing machines now while there is still time.
Any intelligent AI trained in the controversial online content culture, generated by the news and spread on social networks, could also see our species as a threat, Mr. Gawdat said. newspaper.
By focusing on distant apocalyptic scenarios, he argues, humanity may not be able to address issues that people can change now to ensure a more harmonious future in relationships. Our inevitable partner with super-intelligent AI.
Mo is the second former Google employee to warn about the power of AI in weeks, after Google's 'Godfather of AI' Geoffrey Hinton resigned, issuing his own dire warnings about the future of AI. our.
Speaking to The New York Times about his resignation this month, Mr. Hinton warned that in the near future, AI will flood the internet with fake photos, videos and texts . These fakes are such a standard that the average person "can't tell what's real anymore", according to Mr. Hinton.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper