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Genesys International Ltd files two patents in 3D and Mobile mapping space

Nov 25, 2021

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 25 (ANI/PRNewswire): Genesys International, a pioneer in advanced mapping solutions, has filed for the registration of two new patents of technologies and processes developed based on their extensive geospatial work executed over the years.
The first patent provides a unique 3-dimensional code, which will help pinpoint the exact location of a given object on the 3D map enabling improved accuracy in last-mile delivery of e-commerce companies.
It will also help the BFSI sector in getting the accurate location of addresses and properties. The usage of this process will also assist public utility companies in managing their assets more efficiently and accurately
The second patent involves automatic extraction of the street furniture's from Panoramic imagery and LiDAR data acquired from the terrestrial mobile mapping systems. This will help in identifying ground assets and features like electric poles, telecom tower, tree types, shop names from the street corridor which will save huge amount of time and effort involved in physical visits and surveys. This will help utility companies and urban governance bodies. This will also be of huge importance in creating HD Maps required for autonomous driving.
Commenting on this crucial move, Sajid Malik, Managing Director, Genesys International Pvt. Ltd says, "As the geospatial sector grows and gives rise to path-breaking developments, patenting becomes crucial to ensuring integrity of data and processes. We have focused on a strategic growth path with the implementation and incorporation of the leading and cutting edge technologies available. These patents are going to be integral to the development and furtherance of our asset utilisation in the not so distant future."
The details of the two new patents are as follows -
SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING UNIQUE 3-DIMENSIONAL ADDRESSING CODE: This relates to a method for Assigning a Unique Identification Code to any object position in a 3D map with 3D elevation values at a grid size of 1sq mtr in the territory of India.
The method provides an intelligent and fully automated system, which can generate the Positional data comprising of the latitude, longitude and elevation/depth of a point i.e. the x, y & z co-ordinates in the form of a unique code by clicking any position of a map on any computer system or mobile device. The code can be decrypted to know the height information of any asset - like building, tree, electric pole etc. This system can operate in both online and offline modes.
URBAN DIGITAL TWIN MODELS - AUTOMATIC EXTRACTION OF FEATURES FROM PANORAMIC IMAGERY AND LiDAR DATA: Digital Twin Models are 3D digital replicas of the physical world features. The Urban Spatial Digital Twins are created using a fusion of combination of aerial survey data collected via Manned Aircrafts equipped with LiDAR, Optical and Near Infrared sensors mounted at nadir and oblique angles and Streetview datasets using terrestrial mobile LiDAR mapping data for ground based details.
The invention involves deployment of automation techniques on the Streetview datasets (Panoramic imagery and LiDAR point clouds) and identification of the real-world geographic features like electric poles, telecom tower, tree types, shop names etc. This identification is done based on their size (3D), shape, pattern etc. using AI/ML techniques.
Additionally, it provides the desired accuracy of the location in the derived maps and 3D Models, which are part of the Urban Digital Twin. The system processing happens in both on-premises and cloud environment.
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