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Iran warns U.S., allies against making "mistakes" in region

Jul 15, 2022

Tehran [Iran], July 15: Iranian President EbrahimRaisi warned on Thursday that any "mistakes" by the United States and its allies to stoke a regional crisis will receive a "decisive" response from Iran that will make them regret.
"Unfortunately, some countries in the region are transiting insecurity and terrorism from the West and the United States to the region," Raisi said during a visit to Iran's western city of Kermanshah as reported by the president's website.
"Iran does not accept any insecurity and crisis in the region, and committing any mistake in this region will be responded with a decisive and regrettable response," Raisi said.
His remarks came amid U.S. President Joe Biden's current visit to regional countries, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, both Iran's foes. Biden's visit is largely considered to be aimed at countering Iran's influence in the region.
Iran's military power and capabilities are a guarantee of security for the region, Raisi said, adding that the intervention of foreigners including the U.S. in the region will only lead to crisis and insecurity.
Source: Xinhua