Manipal Hospital Whitefield launches adult vaccination programme

Manipal Hospitals Whitefield Introduces Innovative Healthcare Initiatives: Adult Vaccination Program and Neighbourhood Desk

Dec 06, 2023

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], December 6: Manipal Hospitals, a pioneer in healthcare, is proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking initiatives aimed at enhancing the healthcare experience for the community in Bengaluru.
Adult Vaccination Program: Prioritizing Health at Every Stage of Life
While vaccinations for children are widely emphasized, adult vaccinations are equally crucial. There exists a general lack of awareness in the community about the importance of adult vaccinations. In a significant move to address the often-overlooked aspect of adult healthcare, Manipal Hospitals is introducing a comprehensive Adult Vaccination Program.
Arnab Mondal, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital Whitefield Cluster, states, "The launch of our Adult Vaccination Program underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions. By addressing the unique vaccination needs of adults, we aim to build a healthier community and reduce the burden of preventable diseases." The initiative focuses on the critical need for vaccinations in adults, shedding light on the prevailing lack of awareness in the community regarding adult vaccinations.
* Navigating Travel Vaccine Guidelines - The program addresses the confusion surrounding frequently changing travel vaccine guidelines. Given the dynamic nature of these guidelines, Manipal Hospitals seeks to educate and guide individuals on the necessity of travel vaccinations, ensuring their health and safety during travel.
* Pre and Post Menopause Vaccination - Menopause brings about physiological and hormonal changes in women, making them more vulnerable to infections. The Adult Vaccination Program recognizes unique healthcare needs during pre and post menopause and advocates for vaccinations, to protect and enhance women's health during this transitional period.
* Vaccinations for Senior Citizens - As individuals age, their immune systems undergo changes that can impact their ability to fight off infections, otherwise called immunosenescence. Highlighting the importance of vaccinations for senior citizens, especially when their bodies are at the threshold of immunosenescence, the program underscores how vaccines play a crucial role in building a resilient and healthy community.
* Public Awareness through Panel Discussions - The event will also witness a panel discussion featuring eminent healthcare experts Dr. Veerendra Sutar, Consultant - Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospital Whitefield; Dr. Sheetal Chaurasia, Consultant - Pulmonary Medicine, Manipal Hospital Whitefield; Dr. Shivraj Ajji Kariyappala Lakshman, Consultant - Pulmonology; Manipal Hospital, Varthur Road; and neighbourhood representative Col. Ashish Gupta, to disseminate crucial information about adult vaccinations, fostering public awareness and encouraging proactive healthcare practices.

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore invites the community to participate in the Adult Vaccination Program and take a proactive step towards safeguarding individual and community health.
2. Neighbourhood Desk: Personalized Care at Your Fingertips
In a bid to enhance the overall healthcare experience, Manipal Hospitals is introducing exclusive Neighbourhood Desks within the hospital premises. Mr Arnab Mondal said, "The neighborhood desks are our commitment to enhancing your healthcare experience. With personalized care and assistance, we want to make your time with us as comfortable and stress free as possible."
Every Manipal Hospital will feature an Exclusive Neighbourhood Desk, a dedicated support desk committed to providing personalized care and assistance. The Neighbourhood Desk team is poised to ensure that patients receive the best care and experience a hassle-free hospital journey. With a focus on addressing queries and concerns, the team at the Neighbourhood Desk is committed to making your health their top priority.
Manipal Hospitals believes that these initiatives will not only revolutionize the way healthcare is perceived and delivered but also contribute significantly to building a healthier and more informed community.
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