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Mongolia to increase minimum wage by 31 pct next year

May 05, 2022

Ulan Bator [Mongolia], May 5: Mongolia will increase monthly minimum wage by 31 percent to 550,000 Mongolian tugriks (around 178 U.S. dollars) from the beginning of 2023, Ayush Ariunzaya, the country's minister of labor and social protection, said Wednesday.
During a meeting on Wednesday, Mongolia's Tripartite Council, which brings together representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, employers and trade unions, made the decision to increase the minimum wage, said Ariunzaya.
Currently, the minimum wage in the Asian country stands at 420,000 tugriks (about 136 dollars).
There are 1.1 million officially registered employees in the country. Around 10 percent of them receive minimum-wage salaries, according to the National Statistics Office.
Source: Xinhua