Pindrop Media Group Collaborates with DMRC through its Latest Venture - Pindrop Metro Tech, to Leverage Audio's Untapped Potential in India

Pindrop Media Group Collaborates with DMRC through its Latest Venture - Pindrop Metro Tech, to Leverage Audio's Untapped Potential in India

Dec 06, 2023

New Delhi [India], December 6: Pindrop Media Group, a Creative & Marketing Solutions firm, founded in 1998 by the esteemed media personality - Shammi Narang, has launched its latest venture - Pindrop Metro Tech Pvt. Ltd. - a specially curated advertising solutions firm, specializing in ADs within Delhi Metro.
Pindrop Metro Tech has joined hands with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to introduce a brand-new advertising medium in the Delhi / NCR region - Audio ADs / Jingles inside Delhi Metro Trains; a service which is exclusively available through Pindrop.
Audio-based marketing has immense scope for growth in India, and it is this untapped potential that Pindrop aims to harness. Helmed and ideated by Dishant Narang, Managing Partner at Pindrop Media Group, this collaboration offers advertisers a fresh and much-needed advertising medium that stands out amidst the current landscape, providing them with captive audiences like never before.
Expressing his vision for this collaboration, Dishant Narang said, "At Pindrop, we've exclusively conceptualized and handcrafted a brand-new Audio Advertising medium for the Delhi/NCR region. Advertisers will have access to 'captive audiences' in the form of Delhi Metro's passengers. In today's era of information overload, content clutter and hyper distractions, advertisers seek engaged audiences, and that's precisely what we strive to deliver! Furthermore, our unparalleled technical expertise in this domain empowers us to execute this new and ambitious project seamlessly and efficiently. Crucially, passenger comfort has been a priority at every stage of planning. ADs will be strategically spaced out to avoid cluttered messaging. This 'spacing-out' not only ensures passenger comfort but also provides advertisers with more exclusive airtime, leading to better retention and recall for their respective brands."
Pindrop's enduring relationship with DMRC spans over two decades, serving as the exclusive provider of in-train and in-station audio content since the inception of Delhi Metro. Notably, the Hindi voice heard within Delhi Metro is that of Shammi Narang himself. In addition to being Pindrop's founder and patron, he is also an ex-national news anchor, media personality, and one of India's most celebrated voice artists.
Additionally, Pindrop exclusively delivers in-train and in-station announcements to 17 other rapid transport networks nationwide, encompassing metros, water metros, and regional rapid rail systems; giving it an impressive market share of nearly 90% in this domain.
As the echoes of Shammi Narang's voice resonate within Delhi Metro and beyond, this union is poised not only to redefine audio advertising within Delhi / NCR, but to create an immersive and unique connection between advertisers and millions of consumers. The future holds the promise of a dynamic and successful partnership, where Pindrop Metro Tech, fuelled by technical prowess and creative finesse, continues to elevate the art of advertising within the heartbeat of Delhi's vibrant transportation network.
Pindrop Metro Tech Pvt. Ltd. is Pindrop Media Group's latest subsidiary, specializing in Advertising solutions pertaining to the transportation sector, most notably - Delhi Metro.
Pindrop Media Group was founded in 1998 in New Delhi as a creative production hub by the esteemed media personality and ex-national news anchor - Shammi Narang; who is also one of India's most celebrated and recognizable voices.
Today, under Pindrop's second-generation leadership, led by Shammi Narang's son - Dishant Narang, Pindrop has expanded into a multidisciplinary Creative and Marketing solutions firm, with dedicated verticals for Film Making, Audio Productions, Voice-Overs, Media Buying, Selling & Releasing and Digital Content. Pindrop Metro Tech is one such notable example of Pindrop's expansion and diversification in recent times.
Pindrop Metro Tech's first and foremost offering is 'Audio ADs / Jingles' inside Delhi Metro Trains, a pioneering advertising medium in the Delhi / NCR region exclusively ideated and developed by Pindrop. Advertisers benefit from 'captive audiences' in the form of Delhi Metro's passengers, addressing pertinent advertising challenges of information overload and content clutter. Pindrop's innovation allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate their Audio ADs / Jingles with routine announcements inside Delhi Metro trains. This unique service is exclusively available through Pindrop Metro Tech Pvt. Ltd.
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