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President Zelensky: A NATO country could shoot down Russian missiles in Ukraine

Jul 09, 2024

Kyiv [Ukraine], July 9: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed that a new agreement signed between Kyiv and Warsaw includes a provision allowing Poland to shoot down Russian missiles in Ukrainian airspace heading towards Poland.
Speaking at a press conference in Warsaw on July 8, after signing a security agreement with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, President Zelensky stressed that the agreement "provides for the development of a mechanism [for Poland] to shoot down Russian missiles and drones launched into Ukrainian airspace in the direction of Poland," according to Ukraine's Ukrinform news agency.
Mr Zelensky also stressed that Kyiv and Warsaw "will cooperate to figure out how we can quickly implement this point" of the agreement.
Mr Tusk also confirmed the existence of the clause but said it only "indicates the need to negotiate on this issue".
"We need clear cooperation within NATO , because such actions require a shared responsibility of NATO... We will invite other NATO allies to join this conversation," Polish radio station RMF24 quoted Mr. Tusk as saying.
Over the past few months, Mr. Zelensky has called on NATO to shoot down Russian missiles headed toward Ukraine. He compared that to the US and UK helping Israel shoot down multiple Iranian missiles launched at Israel in a retaliatory strike on the evening of April 13, arguing that shooting down incoming Russian missiles would not directly implicate NATO in the Russia-Ukraine conflict .
While US and EU officials have rejected President Zelensky 's comparison , they have agreed to his other demands, from adding more Patriot missile launchers to allowing Ukraine to use the weapons they provide to strike deep into Russian territory, according to RT.
During his visit to Warsaw, President Zelensky also announced that Poland would create, train and equip a "Ukrainian Legion" of volunteers. Prime Minister Tusk did not comment on the activities of the corps, but stressed that every word in the security agreement had a certain meaning and that these were "real joint commitments, not empty promises."
There is currently no information about Russia's reaction to Mr. Zelensky's statement.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper