Enjoy making nutritious  dough with Pure Flour from Europe

Pure Flour from Europe - for the Perfect Dough

Oct 03, 2022

New Delhi [India], October 3 (ANI/NewsVoir): For the very best pasta, pastries, biscuits, tarts and flatbreads, you need the perfect dough.
And for the perfect dough, it's crucial to have the highest quality flour-after all: Flour is the most important ingredient!
Pure Flour from Europe is exactly that: he highest quality flour available. From the careful growing of the wheat until its harvest, the safety of its milling and storage, to its packaging and transport to grocers' shelves all over the world. Pure Flour from Europe is the safe, reliable, and delicious choice.
Whichever recipe you choose, whichever type of dough you need, Pure Flour from Europe will make it as perfect as any dough could be. And the perfect dough makes the perfect pasta, pastries, pies, tarts, flatbreads and so much more.
For fresh pasta, flour is mixed with water or egg-whichever you choose, the resulting dough needs to be supple, firm, and cook up to a slightly chewy, very tender noodle: excellent for whatever your pasta needs might be...
When making pastry for pies, tarts, biscuits or pastries, you will most likely be mixing your beautiful flour with a fat.
For pancakes, flatbreads, and tender-crumbed yeast breads, the liquid you mix in will vary: whether eggs, yogurt, fat or water. But one thing remains the same: from the tenderest pancake, to the flakiest paratha, the puffiest naan, or chewiest pizza dough, Pure Flour from Europe is always your best choice.
With its soft pure powdery texture, Pure Flour from Europe has no bits of grit or uneven grains, so your dough will be smooth, tender, and soft (though never flabby-good dough always needs good structure, which is what good flour provides).
And it's not simply the texture and consistency of flour that makes a dough perfect. The best flour delivers a subtle flavour of the flour/wheat itself. When you are biting into a sweet biscuit, or savouring a forkful of pasta, it is there, rounding out the flavour of your dough with a satisfying taste and illusive elegance.
Pure Flour from Europe
Pure Flour from Europe is a marketing and promotion programme launched in India under the charge of ITALMOPA, the Italian Milling Industry Association and co-funded by the European Union.
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