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Putin, Lukashenko sign Union State integration decree

Nov 05, 2021

Moscow (Russia), November 5: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko have signed an integration decree of the Union State, the Kremlin said on Thursday.
The document, which sets forth the Guidelines for Implementing the Provisions of the Treaty Establishing the Union State in 2021-2023, was signed during the online meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, according to the Kremlin.
"This document covers 28 sectoral Union programmes designed to promote a coordinated macroeconomic strategy, introduce unified taxation principles, which is extremely important, implement a common policy in the credit and financial and banking sectors, in industry and agriculture, harmonise regulations for the unified oil, gas and electric power markets and for transport services," Putin said during the meeting.
"By carrying out these sectoral integration programmes, Russia and Belarus can create an equal and unified business environment," he added.
Lukashenko called it "another important step on the path of the union building."
Source: Xinhua