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Republicans in the US Senate blocked aid to Ukraine and Israel

Dec 07, 2023

Washington [US], December 7: The Republican Party wants major changes in border security policy, so it has applied pressure by blocking aid proposals to Ukraine and Israel.
On December 7, CNN reported that Republican lawmakers in the US Senate blocked aid to Ukraine and Israel to protest issues related to border security policy, in a conflict affecting foreign aid.
The ratio of votes in favor reached 49-51, compared to the minimum of 60 votes to approve the aid policy. At the end of the voting session, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer changed his vote in favor to a vote against, a procedural step that allowed him to continue proposing a vote in the future.
US President Joe Biden's administration in October proposed that Congress approve nearly $106 billion in funding for Ukraine, Israel and border security.
Republicans insist that foreign aid must go hand in hand with major changes to border security policy. There have been negotiations to try to find consensus, but to no avail.
The deadlock took place in the context of two conflicts, including the Hamas - Israel conflict and the conflict in Ukraine. The White House has previously warned that Ukraine's aid budget is dwindling and that failure to reach an agreement to approve more aid would pose serious risks to national security.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said before the vote that Republicans would block the bill when it is considered because they believe it does not adequately address border security.
In that context, Ukrainian Defense Minister RustemUmerov had a meeting with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon on December 6.
"We will discuss Ukraine's strategic goals for the coming year and the long-term vision for the future force," Mr. Austin said at the meeting and announced an additional aid package for Kyiv, including anti-aircraft ammunition. , from previously approved budgets.
As of mid-November, the Pentagon had used 97% of the approved $62.3 billion additional aid budget, and the US State Department had used up the entire $4.7 billion military aid package it had granted.
According to Reuters, Ukraine continues to ask the US for weapons such as F-18 fighters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Apache and Blackhawk helicopters.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper