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Rising rents, inflation set more elderly Americans homeless: FOX News

May 08, 2022

Washington [US], May 8: Rising rents and inflation are pushing more elders in the United States out of their homes, according to a new report by FOX News.
Quoting a study led by the University of Pennsylvania, the report said that the number of elderly people experiencing homelessness is estimated to nearly triple by 2030, reaching over 100,000.
FOX reporters also found that at Travelers Aid Society, a homeless outreach and counselingcenter in New Orleans, more seniors are showing up.
"It's alarming what we're seeing," said Phyllis Lofton, one of the center's crisis coordinators. "We used to have the occasional senior come in, but now it's more of a regular thing with maybe one or two seniors a day coming in newly homeless."
Source: Xinhua