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Serbian president resigns as leader of ruling party amid protests

May 29, 2023

Belgrade [Serbia], May 29: Tens of thousands of people continued to take to the streets to protest in the Serbian capital Belgrade on May 27, calling for President AleksandarVucic to step down after two mass shootings earlier this month.
The Serbian government is under increasing pressure because of two shootings in two consecutive days (May 3 - May 4) that left 18 people dead. The shootings were all committed by young men, including one suspect in his teens.
Protesters say the government and state-controlled media have fostered a culture of violence that contributed to the tragedy. They want the government to revoke the licenses of TV stations that promote violent content, and call on President Vucic, Interior Minister BratislavGasic and Serbian Security Intelligence Service Director Aleksandar Vulin to resign.
President Vucic on May 27 resigned as leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), appointing Defense Minister Milos Vucevic as his successor. But MrVucic said he would remain head of state.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper