Suman Guha: The Maestro behind 'Crackdown Season 2' costumes, tailoring narratives with threads

Suman Guha: The Maestro behind 'Crackdown Season 2' costumes, tailoring narratives with threads

May 30, 2023

New Delhi [India], May 30: Fashion Designer and Stylist, Suman Guha, has added a new feather to his hat with the recently released web thriller 'Crackdown Season 2.' Taking costume design beyond its traditional realms, Guha has masterfully woven the fabric of the characters' personas into the very garments they don, turning heads and earning high praise from audiences worldwide.
Guha's innovative approach to costume design hinges on creating outfits that embody the essence of the script and character nuances. This meticulous attention to detail shines through in his recent collaboration with Director Apoorva Lakhia for 'Crackdown Season 2,' featuring Saqib Saleem & Shriya Pilgaonkar in leading roles. The series' complex narrative demanded a unique aesthetic palette, which Guha skillfully transformed into a wardrobe that seamlessly mirrored the characters' varied shades.
In Guha's own words, "Guided by Lakhia's detailed narration, I transformed the script's palette into a wardrobe that beautifully mirrored the varied shades of each character. One of my standout works was the ensembles crafted for 'Abbu Khalil,' played by Freddy Daruwala. Inspired by Kashmiri designs to resonate with Daruwala's roots, I curated a distinct look that the actor effortlessly embodied, doing justice to each detail."
Guha's prowess extended further as he designed an equally impressive wardrobe for actress Sonali Kulkarni, who plays the role of a RAW officer in the series. The strength and tenacity of her character were effectively portrayed through her costume, reflecting Guha's unwavering commitment to enhancing the narrative through his designs.
Lauding Guha's work, Director Lakhia emphasized his multifaceted talent and dedication, expressing admiration for the sacrifices made by Guha and his team. As the praise for 'Crackdown Season 2' continues to pour in from across the globe, it's evident that Suman Guha's thoughtfully designed costumes have played a pivotal role in the series' success.
Each stitch, each fabric choice, and each costume detail have been a testament to Guha's innovative vision, highlighting the essence of the characters and adding a layer of depth to the narrative. Indeed, Suman Guha has proven that the art of costume design is as much about telling stories as it is about style and aesthetics.
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