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TiE Mumbai celebrates its women entrepreneurs

Mar 06, 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 6 (ANI/TP): Women entrepreneurs in India are boosting the start-up ecosystem. India saw the most number of women-led startups turning unicorns in 2021-22. In the past decade, India has experienced rapid growth in entrepreneurship, with women in business having made much progress. Thus, these entrepreneurs need to be celebrated, empowered and supported every day.
"Women entrepreneurs today, are aggressively changing the entrepreneurial ecosystem by spearheading profitable businesses, expanding their footprints, and designing unique business models. We strongly believe that more representation of women is needed as investors and on boards of Companies to bring parity in the entire ecosystem. TiE Mumbai encourages all women to live their entrepreneurial aspirations and dreams. TiE Mumbai is keenly focused on facilitating entrepreneurs through its network, ensuring access to capital and investors, organizing educative workshops on business building, financial & legal and constantly helps in encouraging innovation and disruption." said Amit Mookim, President - TiE Mumbai.
With Women's Day just round the corner, women entrepreneurs share their thoughts on entrepreneurship-
"The recent years have seen a surge in the number of women entrepreneurs in India. According to a recent report by NASSCOM, 18 per cent of startups in India are led by at least one-woman founder or co-founder. The report also stated that between 2019 and 2022, 17 per cent of investment deals in India were raised by startups with women leaders. This data is a clear indication that the increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs will lead to significant business and economic growth in the country. India is poised to witness a major shift, with women dominating the workforce as well as shaping and enhancing the future of the country and motivating the next generation of women founders. Azent is India's leading study abroad platform, with a strong focus on technology, credibility with students, universities & alliance partners and effective student processes. We aim to grow multifold over the next 18 months. At Azent, a sizable percentage of our workforce is female. With our inclusive workplace policies and focus on diversity we are committed to enabling young women in realizing their potential." said Priyanka Nishar, Founder & Managing Director- Azent Overseas Education.
"Today, on my 4th Social-Impact start-up, I have been hurt, twice, by Economic Downturns, this taught me the importance of building a company that can pivot, innovate and reimagine growth. Funding is always a challenge for Women Entrepreneurs, we are not seen as "ambitious enough" but collaborations and networks can catapult us. Tech is important to scale, data gives us oversight, but communication gives us insight to know and grow. Working with over 2000 women, I have learnt every woman has a fearless founder within her, she may entrepreneur or intrapreneur, but we need to fearlessly give ourselves the wings to fly." said Soniya Kirpalani - Founder - Sprocket Science Films
Kinjal Vora, Head of Marketing, DronaHQ added, "DronaHQ is a Low code developer toolset helping IT deliver projects efficiently and democratizes digital initiatives in an organization. Over the recent years, tech and software have been more welcoming to women, providing diverse opportunities and career choices. Although our company is still growing in terms of its employee strength, DronaHQ, has women leading important domains like customer success, HR, marketing, apart from all the fabulous team leaders and individual contributors in other departments. We as a company believe in providing equal opportunity to all employees to excel and grow."
"As a woman leader and mompreneur, I faced the challenge of balancing my business and motherhood. To achieve success, I remained focused on my goals and built a strong support network with mentors and positive people. Participation in learning communities and organizations like TIE can provide valuable lessons and a supportive community. Remember that success involves creating a business aligned with your values, so stay true to your vision and celebrate achievements. Happy International Women's Day!" said Shubhi, Co-Founder, Locobuzz.
Devangi Parekh, Managing Director- said, "The rise of women as founders, investors, and leaders across domains would catalyse a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. Women building high growth businesses could in turn make sizeable investments to support other female founders, thus helping overcome one of the key hurdles for female entrepreneurs - access to capital. A McKinsey study estimates that addressing gender inequality and levelling the playing field could add USD 770 billion to the Indian economy by 2025. Given that Indian women are more likely than men to see entrepreneurship as a positive career path according to a study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there is in fact tremendous scope for female-led start-ups. As a company founded and led by women (my mother and I), Aza has always fostered a culture of inspiring and supporting women to be decision-makers and leaders of tomorrow, both within our organization as well as externally, through the designers we nurture and craftspeople we support. As trusted pioneers of luxury retail, we pride ourselves in being a one-stop destination for home-grown designer creations that caters to women across the globe."
Namrata Wanvari - Co-Founder, Chocohollics added, "As per recent figures, women comprise 14 per cent of the total entrepreneurs in India, which works out to 8 million. Also, 10 per cent of all formal enterprises are owned by women. Although small, the figures represent a steady rise. With more women building billion-dollar businesses on their own, taking risks and raising investments despite daunting social limitations, India can become a hub for women entrepreneurs. Chocohollics is a brand that enables businesses to ensure a full-suite of services for corporate cakes, confectionaries and chocolates. We are a one stop solution for all gifting needs. We are passionate about mentoring and motivating young talent instilling in them a spirit of entrepreneurship."
Sonam Motwani, Founder & CEO of said, " is a tech-enabled marketplace for custom manufacturing, transforming one of the largest industries in the world. Our platform enables OEMs to source custom-built parts and assemblies efficiently and empowers sellers of manufacturing services to grow their business. Traditionally, there have been very few women in manufacturing, be it on the shop floor or in leadership positions. It has the perception of being a man's world. So, I don't find it surprising anymore when someone asks me - why I chose to build a startup in manufacturing. The question inspires me to work everyday to build a workplace at that reflects a culture of no-bias, that is welcoming for all genders equally. This hasn't been an easy task. Even as a woman leader, I do not have many women in my team yet. We have a long way to go, and we'll consider it a success if through our efforts we are able to transform the perception of manufacturing to a modern, aspirational and equal one."
"Women entrepreneurs bring a unique perspective in intuitive problem-solving. They think globally about the environment at large and act locally to enhance their solution's impact. With the passion and grit of Women today combined with timely guidance and expertise such as that available in the TIE Mumbai network, we can create scalable and profitable businesses. Maini Renewables offers a scalable small hydro solution that harnesses the power found in the natural flow of water without the need for a dam. Our system incorporates proprietary rotors with improved efficiencies dramatically reducing costs while improving reliability." said Swati Maini, Founder, Maini Renewables.
"Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, and having experienced the need for nutritious snacks, I had a single goal to Un-Junk India's foods. Open Secret was born out of this thought and we hustle really hard to make the mission of UnJunking F&B for every Indian family, a reality! We have grown to be India ki UnJunk Dukaan retailing over 100 brands and 300+ healthy products through online and offline channels. My message to all the women founders is to have a purpose bigger than yourself and build towards it. Be resilient, keep hustling, and keep rising until your dream becomes a reality!" added Ahana Gautam - Co-founder, Open Secret
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