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UN support for Syria can encourage Lebanon's Syrian refugees return home: ambassador

Aug 08, 2022

Beirut [Lebanon], August 8: The Syrian ambassador to Lebanon said on Sunday that UN organizations should deliver their financial support to Syria to encourage the home return of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
"We have called on UN organizations several times to offer their financial support for Syrians inside their home country, instead of in Lebanon, to encourage their return to Syria," Ali Abdel Karim Ali told TV channel Aljadeed News.
Syria is offering incentives for overseas Syrians to return, such as exemption from military service and other legal obligations, Ali added.
Lebanon hosts the world's largest number of refugees per capita, with a government estimate of the Syrian refugees in the country at 1.5 million.
Having been struggling with a worsening financial crisis since late 2019, Lebanon says the influx of refugees has weighed heavily on the country's economy and infrastructure.
Source: Xinhua