“Destructive, punishious nature…” India rips into Pakistani Envoy's “Hindutva fascism” remarks at UN

May 03, 2024

New York (USA), May 03 (ANI): India’s Permanent Representative to UN, Ruchira Kamboj gave a befitting reply to her Pakistani counterpart in UNGA, without taking the country’s name. During a discussion, while delivering his speech, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Munir Akram said, “Unless Hindutva fascism is opposed, unless the sense of impunity of the BJP, RSS is ended, unless the Indian Muslims are protected against genocide, and unless the Kashmir dispute is peacefully solved, wider violence and conflict in South Asia is a real and present danger.” Without taking country’s name, Ruchira said, “In this assembly, as we endeavour to cultivate the culture of peace amid these challenging times, our focus remains steadfast on constructive dialogue. We thus choose to set aside remarks from a certain delegation which not only lack decorum, but also detract from our collective efforts due to their destructive and punishious nature. We would strongly encourage that delegation to align with the central principles of respect and diplomacy, that must always guide our discussions. Or is that too much to ask of a country that harbours the most dubious track record on all aspects in itself.”