“Heart-breaking”: US Pop star Madonna addresses Israel-Palestine conflict during her concert

Oct 15, 2023

London (UK), Oct 15 (ANI): US pop superstar Madonna on October 14 kicked off the first leg of her Celebration Tour concert in London and addressed the situation in the Middle East. Speaking to the audience, the 65-year-old singer talked about the “heartbreak” of watching what was happening in Israel and Palestine. "It breaks my heart to see children suffering, teenagers suffering, elderly people suffering. All of it is heart-breaking," she said. "But even though our hearts are broken, our spirits cannot be broken." Madonna told the audience there was a lot they could do if they "unite from a place of light and love". "If we all have that collective consciousness, we can change the world and that we can bring peace, not only to the Middle East but all over the world." Madonna's greatest hits show was pushed back from its original July start date after she was hospitalised in intensive care for a serious bacterial infection. The seven-time Grammy Award winner has rescheduled the tour's North American leg to start in December after her European concerts.