IDF surrounds Yahya Sinwar’s house in Gaza Strip; Netanyahu says, “we will find him”

Dec 07, 2023

Gaza, December 07 (ANI): After IDF’s hints, Israel’s PM has also said that the armed forces have surrounded Yahya Sinwar’s house. On December 05, the Israeli forces have hinted that they are close to catching Hamas Chief Yahya Sinwar. Israel Army has also released a video showing their intensified ground operations in Khan Younis. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that it was only a matter of time until they find Yahya Sinwar. Since October 7, Israel has considered him and other Hamas leaders to be ‘living on borrowed time’. Born in the Khan Younis refugee camp, Sinwar, 61, was elected as Hamas’ leader in Gaza in 2017. Yahya Sinwar spent half his adult life behind bars in Israel. He was jailed in 1988 for planning the abduction and killing of two Israeli soldiers and the murder of four Palestinians. Before jail, he was head of the Al-Majd security apparatus which tracked, killed and punished Palestinians accused of helping Israel. Michael Koubi, a former Shin Bet official has interrogated Yahya Sinwar for 180 hours in Israeli prison. He said that Sinwar was the cruelest man he ever met in his whole life.