“Ulta Chor Kotwal ko daante…” EAM Jaishankar’s scathing reply to Canadian NSA’s ‘meddling’ charge

Jun 08, 2023

New Delhi, June 08 (ANI): EAM Dr S Jaishankar on June 8 spoke about the reports of late PM Indira Gandhi's assassination celebration in Canada. He said, "I think there is a bigger issue involved. Frankly, we are at a loss to understand other than the requirements of vote bank politics why anybody would do this. I think there is a larger underlying issue about the space which is given to separatists, to extremists, to people who advocate violence. I think it is not good for relationships, not good for Canada." Further, he also responded to a question about comments by Canada’s NSA that India interferes in domestic politics. He said, “The phrase which came to my mind was 'Ulta chor kotwal ko daante..."