“Yoga for both self, society…” PM Modi emphasises importance of Yoga on 10th Intl Yoga Day

Jun 21, 2024

Srinagar (J&K), June 21 (ANI): PM Modi addressed the people of Srinagar on the occasion of the 10th International Yoga Day where he highlighted the importance of Yoga and how India has been the pioneer in spreading Yoga all over the world. Addressing the crowd, he said, “This year’s theme of Intl Yoga Day is Yoga is for both self and society. Yoga helps us to become sound mentally and physically. Yoga is being celebrated throughout the world and today we are celebrating 10 Years of International Yoga Day. The world is now practicing Yoga and Yoga is spreading all over the world. People across the globe now celebrate Yoga and inculcate its practices in day-to-day lives.”